Photography Service Agreement (Single Family Home)

    Thanks for choosing First Showing Photography! The purpose of this agreement is to ensure there’s no confusion about the terms of our services. By using our services, you agree to the following terms.

    Please read the terms, then fill the form in and click “submit”. Please submit this form as soon as possible to secure your time slot.

    1. All areas of the property must be clean and prepared to shoot when the photographer arrives.
    2. The photographer will spend a maximum of 5-10 minutes helping with staging.
    3. People and pets must be completely hidden from view in a closed off area, or outside during the session. Ideally, as few people as possible should be present. The photographer cannot work with people occupying areas that are being photographed.
    4. Photographer must be notified ahead of time of any unusual conditions that will affect the shoot (ie. no electricity!).
    5. In the event of cancellation or rescheduling less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, a fee of $50 is due. (Waived in cases of inclement weather.) In the event the appointment is canceled after the photographer arrives, a fee of $75 is due. We are unable to schedule tentative appointments.
    6. As is standard practice in the industry, temporarily licensed photos may only be used for the purpose of marketing the property photographed until it is sold or goes off the market.
    7. Payment is due after the photoshoot is complete. Photographs are delivered after payment is received.
    8. Realtors: You agree to convey these terms to the owner(s) and show them the preparation tips page ( You assume responsibility for ensuring the property is prepared to shoot prior to the photo session. These terms apply to all future shoots.

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