Commercial Service Agreement

    Thanks for choosing First Showing Photography! The purpose of this agreement is to ensure there’s no confusion about the terms of our services. By using our services, you agree to the following terms.

    Please read the terms, then fill the form in and click “submit”. Please submit this form as soon as possible to secure your time slot.

    1. We value your business, and on the rare occasion that an issue should arise with our services, we'll work hard to resolve it. However, it's preferable to avoid any such hiccups in the first place by being very clear about the objectives of your project and your expectations. Any important photoshoot parameters must be conveyed prior to the shoot (eg. how many interior or exterior photos, what rooms, which angles). In the absence of explicit parameters, the photographer will use his or her best judgement.
    2. You are hiring First Showing Photography on the basis of our prior work and reputation for providing quality photography services. Payment is for photography services rendered and is not contingent upon approval of the final photos.
    3. Requests for W9s, proof of insurance, and any other subcontractor compliance information must be made prior to the photoshoot.
    4. Payment is due within three weeks of the photoshoot. If your accounting department needs more time to issue a check, please discuss this with us prior to your appointment. (Our invoices can also be paid online with a credit card.)
    5. Photographs are delivered after payment is received. A selection of watermarked preview photographs will be provided upon request.
    6. Commercial and multifamily packages come with permanent usage rights, which permit photographs to be used for any marketing purpose of the licensee. Usage rights are transferable with the property, however, we retain copyright ownership.
    7. We are unable to match photos from a previous photoshoot. We can shoot from a similar angle—but only if this is requested prior to the session.
    8. While all delivered images undergo extensive post-processing, significant photo manipulations (such as removing large objects) are not included in any packages.
    9. All areas of the property must be clean and prepared to shoot when the photographer arrives.
    10. The photographer will spend a maximum of 10-15 minutes helping with staging interiors.
    11. Pools and other areas that take time to clear should be closed off before the photography session.
    12. In the event of cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, a fee of $60 is due. (Waived in cases of inclement weather.) In the event the appointment is canceled after the photographer arrives, a fee of $100 is due.

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